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I attended the same party that hisslavekitty, so I thought I would post my experience:-) Enjoy!

This saturday evening I attended my first private play party held by a friend of mine, and many of my friends were also there, and it was a lovely time. Before we left, Master pulled me close to him and told me that I was to address him appropriately and serve him the entire evening. I was very exicted and nervous. I asked him what rules I would need to follow besides the typical ones throughout the party. I was so ask him before speaking to anyone directly, at least at first. Also, he told me I was not to look at anyone directly in the eye. This caused a very gutteral reaction from me because I grew up getting in trouble for not looking into peoples eyes when I spoke to them mainly because my father is nearly deaf, so it is very hard for me not do so. Seeing my discomfort, Master told me that I did not have to follow that rule this evening and we would work on this in the future, for which I was thankful.

We then got dressed and I gathered the toys together (ropes, flogger, wrist cuffs) into a bag we left. I wore my strapless corset and short black skirt complete with thigh highs and heals. Master looked wonderful in dark pants, a button-up shirt, and a tie. I was his servent, his slave, and I felt like it...

Once we arrived we were greeted by our host, and I asked permission to greet everyone. It was wonderful to see everyone! Many of the people I am close to in the scene are submissive females, each of which were poised at thier Master's feet, and I took the same position, which I loved. I rested my head on Master's lap as we chatted with those around us (with his permission of course). Throughout the evening, I served Master, and he teased and tormented me in front of everything.

The lovely Kitty was our desert tray. We took brownies off of her and returned to our seats and enjoyed them. Master then told me to go back over to Kitty and eat a crumb off of her stomach, while everyone watched. No one else had eaten off of her yet, I was nervous to be first. But I obeyed, of course. I ate a crumb off of her belly, but one poised just next to her nipple just looked so tempting I had to take that one too! I thanked her and walked back to Master.

Then things got a bit more intense...

A recent desire of mine is to have Master use a knife on me, not to cut me (blood play is not my thing) but to intimidate me and control me. A few time during the evening he pulled out his knife and ran it over my skin. I sat very still and did not look at anyone, but I heard one girl say "that is so hot" as she watched Master torture me.

After a little torture in the middle of the group, including a spanking for forgetting to adress him correctly, he fitted me into my wrist cuffs. It was the first time I'd gotten to wear them since we purchased them. They were wonderful. Master then let me to a bondage chair and he buckled my hands behind me. It was time to play.

Breasts. Legs. Back. Ass. Arms. Not a part of me was left touched by the flogger, a candle, or Master's wonderful hands. I do not really like the term 'subspace' as a personal preference, but I was definately gone. I could not speak. I could only moan.

After a satisfying cool down, I knew I could not walk, so Master brought me a chair and helped me colapse into it. A wonderful feeling. He reset my corset and covered me in his coat, then comforted me.

When we got home, I finished my evening of service to him by being taken. We fell asleep in each others arms.

It was a beautiful evening.
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