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Well, Saturday night, Master hosted our first play party in the basement...we worked all day to create a dungeon-like setting, and it was really intimate and nice...everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. i even broke in the new fondue pot!

Master surprised me with a romantic gesture - He made one of my fantasies come true. He had arranged for someone to make gooey brownies, and when He blindfolded, cuffed my wrists and ankles, and pretty much made me feel like i was about to be played with, He laid me down and spread out the desserts on my skin for people to enjoy. Then, people ate off of was delicious in more ways than one...i felt so beautiful - people caressed my skin, and whispered "thank you" in my ear...others told me how gorgeous i was erotic, sensual, and i felt totally objectified to hear people talking about me as if i weren't was both humiliating and fucking amazing....

He played with me later, bent over the spanking bench. i was having a difficult time at first...i was distracted by noises from others and just knowing there were probably eyes on me. He started with His hands, and then the riding crop, then He pulled out the flogger and i went WAY into subspace....apparently He whipped me with the short whip for some time after, and i never even flinched....i had four lovely welts for hours afterwards.

i am wanting to do another one soon....something maybe more intimate....something that can go a little further....we were so busy trying to make sure everyone was having a good time - it was difficult for Him to do some of the things He had mentioned to more humiliation and using me as was also difficult to watch others' would be nice to be a part of the audience....

After the party was over, and the mess cleaned up - Master took me upstairs to fuck me hard....we ended up making love and holding eachother all night.
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