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First Pain Experience

I had my first "pain" session outside of a spanking. It was Wednesday. A few weeks ago while we were away for the weekend, my Domme bought some adjustable by screws kind of nipple clamps with a chain between. They are rubber tipped.
When I saw them at first, they both scared me and also made me a bit excited.

So. We used them on Wednesday. First I got a light spanking, to get me into the mood. She kept me on the very edge of slipping into the magical land of sub space. It was a very interesting feeling. she had me on my knees...and she played with my nipples...hard, then soft, then hard. I know she was trying to prepare them a bit. I must have looked a little scared. She is so wonderful. She pulled me to her and stroked my hair and told me it was ok..murmuring to me. It put me at ease. She put one on i think..then had me get on my back. She asked me if I was ready..and she REALLY put the first one on..so it didnt fall off. It HURT. I didn't cry, but oooooh it hurt..then it was ok. She waited a little bit, then put the other one on. Somewhere in there, she told me to play with myself. When the other one was on, and that lat bit of OW was gone..oooooh it felt good. She played with them while they were clamped..oooooooh. I loved the feeling of the weight of the chain and the slight tug. I played with myself until I orgasmed.

Here is the interesting thing. Before she touched my nipples, whhile i was being spanked, I totally GUSHED. Down there. I'm one of those that will do that if someone is playing with me inside with fingers. This time, I wasn't even being touched. It was amazing.

After I got off, she removed the clamps, and held me. I shivered and she covered me up, and laid with me. I kind of dozed on and off, and talked to her. It was a sub spacy sort of afterthing, but she took such good care of me. I didn't experience the drop like last time.

And that was Portia's first adventure into Nippleclamp

sorry this isnt written more eloquently. :)
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