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So it seems that I'm in a bit of trouble.
I've been neglecting my journal (and my emails).

I've been neglecting a lot these days.... But it doesn't feel that way (honest, Sir).

Between work, building a business, planing a birthday, being supportive to those around me whom I LOVE, taking the time to play with Daddy and be played with, and research, watching TV, and spring cleaning ... I used all my time up!

So now... I'm in trouble. I've done a no-no.

As punishment, I've lost one of my masturbation passes. I'd only earned one to begin with & know I'm shit out of luck & I'm not happy about it. I've been working all afternoon and the sun is making is nice and toasty in here.... I'm dying to read a story from But, I have no pass!

Damn! I must strive to be better.
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