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2 Weeks (X-Posted from my LJ)

Master was here for two whole weeks!!! We had a great time seeing how it will be when we live together. i foresee it as blissful...*sigh*

We have decided to set a 'play date' when we are together. It had been far too long since we had really been intense...Speaking of playing...

"Take off your shirt"
That is how our evening started. He showed me how to knot His ropes for storage from now on before making a rope chastity belt that looped between my legs, and then bound my wrists behind my back. He then put me, forcefully, on my knees over the couch to bound my legs. Slowly, He wrapped the rope around both legs from my ankles to just below my knees.

After making me struggle to the center of the room on my own, He had me kneel up and slapped my face - hard. Then, He backhanded the other cheek. He slapped my breasts over and over...then my face again...He asked me:
"This is how you deserve to be treated, isn't it?"

"yes, Master"

He slapped me again, "This is how you need to be treated, isn't it?"

"yes, Master"

He spit in my face. "This is what you want, isn't it?"
i began to cry....the humiliation of needing this kind of attention was taking over me.
"yes, Master", i whispered between the tears.

He stroked my skin, slapped my breasts again.....i sobbed.
"Where is your place?"

"Beneath You, Master"

"Where do you belong?"

"Beneath You, Master"
i KNOW this.....and sometimes i just forget.

He bound my breasts, i could feel them jut out, grotesquely. He then clamped them with a new clamp....i cried out each time before drifting off into subspace....then i failed at swallowing - AGAIN...and Master has already told me to not dwell on that subject. He is so patient with me.

The next night we made was so beautiful. i finally had an orgasm...and not just one. This medication i am on makes it so difficult to get there - and i just held onto Him, shivering. He told me later that i was so hot...

i am not sure if He will be back this weekend....part of me is really wishing He will...i need to be kissed, caressed, and brought back to life again.
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