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Posted here are my experiences at Shadowfind (www.shadowfind.com). It was a wonderful time and I can not wait to visit again. Warning... its quite lengthy.

"Yes, Master."

Almost immediately after arriving, I was collared. Master had me unpack us, and I did with the greatest of care. I laid out all of his toys, everything I could think of, and hung his clothing with care. He then had me change him, and I took this chance to feel his skin under my hands. He also had me put in our new egg toy, and he had the remote. We then went downstairs for a tour of the House, the slave that showed us around was very nice. I tried to be on my best behavior, but I was so very excited. The dungeon had so many toys, more than most stores I'd seen. There was a spanking bench, KGB torture chair, St. Andrew's cross, chains to be attached to secured to the ceiling, a table (doctors table of sorts), and a cage. And my torture device was turned on many many times.

You can't even imagine how much I wanted to strip down and play right then and there.

Master took me back upstairs, and had me come for him again and again and again. Then decided that I needed to calm down, so he tied my wrists together and he bound me to the bed. I was blindfolded for the first time, and it added just that much more sensation. He took pictures of me, I loved that. He put is cock in my face. I loved that even more. When he released me, he had me remove my torture device, then asked if I wanted dinner. I was not yet hungry, so he said he was going to lock me up in the cage until dinner!

I panicked... in a good way. I was nervous to be locked away, but so aroused. He took me downstairs, let me into the cage, and left me with the permission to please myself once and only once. After I had done so, I relaxed. Some time later, he came to release me. I asked how long I'd been in there, almost an hour! I had no idea.

We went to dinner, I remained collared and thus on my best behavior. I adressed him as Master in public for the first time ever, once the waitress heard me and nearly jumped out of her skin! We had a nice, very filling dinner, then returned to the house.

You know how things can blurr together? Especially when you are enjoying everything. Like the first time you went to a theme park, you know you went on rides but you don't know what order. This is my weekend, parts are blurry, the order is blurry, but it was all so wonderful.

The next thing I remember was being taken upstairs when we got home and Master having me change into a valentines day present he'd gotten me, a very sheer red babydoll with black satin lining the neck line and the top of the panties. The black lining had rivits in it, and the neck part met in a ring. The whole thing was very hot, very BDSM. Before he had me change he told me to go downstairs and tell the slaves I was going to be less decent and that they should shut the curtains. After I changed, we went downstairs and sat in the library where Sir and Lady were eating dinner and chatting with the other couple staying there. I took my place on a pillow at Master's feet. I was very exposed and very nervous, so I was quiet but was allowed to speak. We had a nice converstaion about many things, and we were there for many hours. Eventually one part of the conversation started to bother me, so Master ordered me to lean my head in his lap and concentrate on him and only him.

Sir and Lady brought a cautorizing (sp?) pen downstairs so they could finish a carving on one of the slaves, and this shook me up a bit as I'm fairly squeamish. So Master had me run upstairs and get my wrist cuffs, then again a few minutes later to get the fasteners. After I returned again, he asked me if I wanted to go play or if I wanted to retire to our room for the evening. As much as I wanted to play, I was fairly tired at this point, so we retired to our room.

Master indulged me then by letting me take a bath in the lovely black marble bathroom. He even lit the candle for me. However, during my bath I was not allowed to speak, and my instructions were to return to the room and fuck him without a word. After a luxurious bath, I did so. It was fabulous. I was to imagine our first time together during this, and I was to shout "Master, I am coming for you like the first time I did" when I came. It was very erotic.

After I came, we snuggled in bed to sleep, where we both slept very very well. The sheets were 10000 something thread count and the comforter was satin! And I had Master next to me, How could I not sleep well:-)

We woke the next morning after sleeping soundly, and I remembered my place immediately. I adressed him as Master right away. Slowly we woke and were going to go downstairs, but then Master got a better idea.

You see, we were staying in the room with the four poster bed. And in the nightstand were restraints for the bed. So he took them out, and tied my hands to each of the bedposts, face down. I thought he would leave me there while he showered, but instead, he also tied my legs. Now, I am short so the retraints didnt reach the bottom bedposts, so they were secured on a bar benieth the bed. I couldn't believe my legs could spread so wide! So there I was, face down, completely restrained, naked, and loving it. This was one of my earliest fantasies, and Master knew it.

He came close to my face and asked me what I was thinking and what my fantasies had always included. They had involved me being held against my will and raped at my captures pleasure. So, he told me he was not my Master but my capture, and he would take me as he pleased. He conjured up a scenario as to how I got myself in that position, and he took me hard.

I was restrained a good 30 min before he released me. We got dressed, and he told me that he was going to remove my collar after breakfast so I was to be his girlfriend for a few hours. We had a lovely breakfast and enjoyed talking to the other couple that was there.

When I was released and he removed my collar, I curled up with him on the couch to read and relax for a while, and then we decided to go for a walk. It was a beautiful day, there was a park and swings and a river running south to north. It was romantic and fun. We also did a bit of shopping to end our vanilla time together, although I did buy a sexy new babydoll from Victoria's Secret and a grey knit skirt from AE.

I was excited to get back, I knew my free time was over and I would be collared again. When we returned, Master collared me again and had me put on my new skirt and a button up shirt. My hair was in pigtails, I looked very sweet. He then took out our black rope and tied my hands together! It was so hot. He also had me put the egg in.

We went downstairs and watched a movie, while I was tied and my torturous device was inside me. He had me on a pillow at his feet. Throughout the movie he would flip on the switch and let me writhe, sometimes telling me that I couldn't come for him, sometimes demading I did. Once he gave me the remote and let me control my pleasure. I was only allowed to turn it on three times, and I came quite thunderously when I did.

When the movie ended, he released me from my bonds and took me downstairs to the cage again. This time, he left me there for another hour or so while he went to get our dinner. My instructions were to pleasure myself as many times as I liked and I had to come at least once while he was gone. I was also to pleasure myself for him when he returned. I requested he also return with the camera. Also, if anyone came by and spoke to me I was to answer "Master has left me here to pleasure myself. I feel very sexy."

So locked in my cage, I immediately started to please myself. How could I not? I was so turned on, trapped in a place with no way out, in a short skirt and crotchless panties. I came four times before he returned, and once when he did arrive. He let me out of the cage and we went outside and had a romantic dinner on the porch.

After cleaning up inside, Master was a bit sleepy, so we went upstairs and he allowed me to lay next to him. After a while, when I knew I was not sleepy enough, I asked him if I could go downstairs while he slept. He allowed me to and told me to wake him at 11pm with a fresh cup of coffee in my hands.

I returned at 11pm as requested, and woke Master as lovingly as I could. I knew he would not want to be awake, he was very tired, but I knew both he and I desperately wanted to play. We eventually made it back downstairs, where we sat in the living room waiting for the other couple to finish with the dungeon. I sat at his feet rested my head against his leg.

We waited for a while, chatting with Sir and Lady a bit, and we were both excited. When the other couple came upstairs, he sent me up to get my cuffs, the flogger, and a few other pieces. He made me wait a bit longer, and by this point the anticipation was killing me.

Finally he took me downstairs. He had me set up the space heaters so I could focus on him and not on being so cold, then he fastened me to the chains hanging from the ceiling. First he used many of the floggers and other fun toys that Sir had down in the dungeon. There was a short crop with a wide leather piece at the end. I liked how it felt against my breasts and thighs, and my ass. There were others I enjoyed, a shorter flogger with dearskin for one. There was a cane that had been bent into a tennis-racket shape that I did not enjoy, I am not much for sharp pain, I like duller but more forceful pain (tough to describe though).
After a while, I was moved to the spanking bench and Master worked on my ass for a bit. He wanted to move me to the St. Andrew's cross, but I needed the feeling to return to my hands first.

Then he moved me to the cross. I loved being up there, nude. I felt so controlled and I loved it. Here I slipped into a very subby place, lost a bit of my ability to speak and to stand. I felt very very good. Master told me he wanted one more present from me while I was on the cross, I was to cum for him while I was bound like that, without rubbing my thighs together or touching myself in any kind of way. I knew I could, it required a bit of control and focus on my part. I channeled the rhythimic and forceful pain of the flogger striking my back to my clit, I thought of all the erotic moments of the weekend, and I thought of Master's endless love, and was able to give Master his one last gift.

After I came he coolled me down and released me from the cuffs. He let me lay on the ground with my head in his lap. He asked me to live out the remainder of the weekend as his girlfriend, and I was happy to do so.

With me w-rapped in a blanket, we returned upstairs and spoke to Sir for a little while, then we went to bed and slept in each other arms.

We enjoyed our morning by taking our time in waking and packing and we headed home. It was a lovely weekend I won't forget. We plan to return soon!


Thank you for such a wonderful weekend. I love serving you, you are a kind and loving Master.

your slave

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